Today’s Dreams - Tomorrows Heirlooms

At Alexander Franke Fine Woodwork we blend old-world craftsmanship with new designs – creating from your ideas, beautiful works that are as appealing to the eye as to the touch. Deeply ingrained in all our work is the satisfying commitment to exceptional quality, delivered in a timely manner at fair pricing. This website is to acquaint you with a sampling of our work and to demonstrate by the pictorial evidence herein of our abilities and attentive services for:

  • ARCHITECTS & BUILDERS – Millwork and carpentry for your most complex and demanding projects.
  • INTERIOR DESIGNERS – Let us bring our years of experience to execute your designs.
  • HOMEOWNERS – We enjoy working with clients to bring their ideas to fruition.
  • OFFICE & RETAIL DESIGN – Custom displays and work stations to increase productivity and sales.
  • LANDSCAPE DESIGN – All manner of outdoor pergolas, arbors and furniture.
  • ART & ODDITIES – Unique works and projects for sale and viewing pleasure.

Exquisitely Detailed

  • Discreet drawers that take advantage of all available spaces
  • Traditionally hand cut dovetailed chests
  • Perfectly machined dovetailed drawers
  • Inlays of exotic woods, metals, and ivory (pre 1972)
  • Custom knobs and pulls scrimshawed to your personal taste

Special Features

  • Precision – engineered hardware for smooth action
  • Compact halogen lighting for furniture and cabinetry
  • Space saving vertical pullouts and lateral files
  • Electronic furniture and office locking systems
  • Catalyzed finishes for a superior look, feel and a lifetime of durability

Recycling Material & Memories

Awaiting departure “butterflies are free…”

In this age of synthetic and metallurgical miracles, the humanizing warmth of wood still enhances our modern lives like no other material. All exotic woods are conscientiously chosen from known and proven renewable forests of the world. Other rarer species are obtained from salvage or natural disasters, such as “Pink Ivory” which has rightfully been protected since 1972, and was fortunately obtained in log form prior to a hydro-electric project in Ghana, perhaps not to be available again!

The following examples well show the variations obtained within just one species. In this case we look at maple (acer saccharum).